How to present
yourself and your brand
Life Workshop in London
How to present yourself and your brand
Life Workshop in London

Art of Presentation — this is the foundation of a truly strong brand, the most important business quality of its leader

Principles of self-presentation can be applied in a variety of situations, not just in business
Upgrade your skills
self-presentation in 4 hours
Development of strategy and presentation content, work in front of the camera, online business cards
  • Positioning
    At the workshop, you will practice the skills of formulating your value and the value of the products / services presented and positioning, form and formulate your unique selling proposition - that is why it is necessary to contact you; create value in a story about yourself and test in different formats.
  • Emotions, Speech, Etiquette
    You will learn and practice various techniques that allow you to reveal your vocal range, improve diction, and work with facial expressions. An important component of self-presentation is etiquette and aristocratic manners. In some cases, it is the manner of presenting information that is the point of making a decision to interact with you.

  • Image & Stile
    They meet by clothes - at the workshop you will receive valuable advice on creating your image from a professional stylist, you will form 2 types of images for cases when you find yourself in a situation that requires self-presentation.

  • Work on Camera
    + 5 photos & short business-video
    By learning the principles of posing, types of poses and selfie techniques, you will begin to feel confident in front of the camera. You will learn the secrets and subtleties of the best demonstration of yourself and your strengths, which is so important for self-presentation.
  • Visual Communications
    A necessary part of self-presentation is further work with photo / video material. At this stage, retouching, post design, graphical representation of text, as well as photo editing and collage applications come into play. Learn the basic principles of photo editing and collage.
  • Practice
    A practical exercise in groups where participants can practice self-presentation, revealing key skills.

    And also great networking, as always :)


By working with the image and practicing posing techniques, you will receive a visual presentation of you - content that can be published on social networks and / or on a website to visualize the brand
Successful sales start with a successful self-presentation
(C) Anastasia Konovalchuk,
ARTME Creative Group
Where can I use self-presentation skills?
Techniques and skills of presentation and self-presentation can be used in different situations, accumulated, adapted
    Personal brand
    The development of a personal brand, relevant for people who actively work with audiences - experts, bloggers, journalists, business owners
    Meet-ups / Negotiation
    Make an impression - quickly, concisely and succinctly tell about yourself and your business, without missing the details.
    Expo / Conference
    To interest the visitor - a potential client / partner. Understanding the placement of accents in a highly competitive environment, the development of personal charisma
    Social media content
    Regular pumping of a personal brand or project through regular communication to target audiences of various aspects and values
    Advertising & PR
    Creation of commercials, stories, posts for promotion of a brand/personal brand based on an attractive presentation.
    Interview & Public performance
    Holistic marketing proposal for cold audiences, wow-effect technique
Worksop programme
24 September, 10:30 - 18:30
10:00 - Registration
10:30 – 11:30 - Marketing: positioning, value, offer
12:00 – 13:00 - Speech, voice, emotions, etiquette
13:30 – 14:30 – Image & Style
15:00 – 17:00 - How to posing & recording on camera, photo & video sessions
17:30 – 18:30 - Brand visualisation in social media
18:30 – 20:00 Networking
You will be in our gentle hands
The art of self-presentation is a multi-stage process. Therefore, during the event, you will be under the strict guidance of the author and experts of the workshop - the team of the creative agency ARTME & invited experts
  • Anastasia Konovalchuk

    ARTME Creative Agency

    Owner / Creative Director

    Marketer, Product creator,

    Business-Coach, Designer,

    Film Director

    Workshop author & tutor

    Creative positioning

    Self-presentation & Image

    Visual communications & Design


  • Nadya Mamaeva
    DECOFLOWERS Accessorises,
    Owner & Designer
    Workshop co-author
    Accessorises for style
    Social media promoution
  • Yulia Plyaukshta
    Foreign language teacher with 27 years of experience, business coach, candidate of historical sciences

    Workshop co-author
    Voice modulating
  • Vladimir Trubchanin
    ARTME Creative Group
    Production (UK)
    Photographer, videographer,

    Workshop co-author
    Photo session
    Video session

We chose a chic atmospheric location for a great mood and shooting
Petersham Nurseries Teahouse, Richmond, LONDON, TW10 7AB
  • Svetlana Pronyushkina
    Owner of Domus Market
    The art of presentation is important to learn because it is a whole philosophy of the work of an organization that strives to create products and services that people really need.
  • Lara Yaguzhinskaya
    I attended a self-presentation workshop. I received a lot of interesting ideas, advice, answers to questions that stopped me from starting to engage in self-presentation. This event helped me save time - all the specialists are together, there is no need to run around looking for them, collecting them. I received valuable feedback from the stylist, added more ideas for posing, tips on communication and speech to the piggy bank. Many thanks to Anastasia and the guys for a fun, non-standard and very valuable event.
  • Nima Tya-Sen
    Artist in Nika Tya-Sen
    The workshop presents the practice of applying techniques from different areas, which together allow you to achieve the goals of the presentation.
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